Forest Grow

• Forest Grow is an efficient way to BECOME more CONCENTRATED and disciplined! 
• Just launch the app and choose a tree which will grow while you're STAYING AWAY from your phone. 
• Feel free to FOCUS totally on your current tasks and duties.

As a reward for your patience, virtual trees will remind you of your "phone-free" time records! 

* You should remember while a tree is growing you can't use other functions of the Smartphone, otherwise a tree will perish. 

* The default time for the full growing process is 30 minutes, however you can make it longer.

* Try to grow as many trees as you can, and you will improve your concentration skill! 

* Every tree will remind you how much time you have spent with benefit.

Forest Grow features:
- Become more disciplined
- Focus on your current tasks - leave the phone for a while
- Grow 5 virtual trees of patience: elder, pine, cactus, spruce, willow
- Use special timers and notes to follow your time records

Forest Grow is a new special app really able to help people addicted to their phones.
You'll get a whole virtual forest by learning to live without the phone at least for a while!

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